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Customer Reviews

See what my customers think about their website (all reviews posted on Google)
Mark Palmer - website customer at Additive Media

Mark Palmer

A great well designed website that brings me enquiries every week. When I need updates they are carried out with the minimum of fuss and the ongoing advise is invaluable. Highly recommended.
Andrew New - website customer at Additive Media

Andrew New

Additive Media has looked after my company's, Apogee Engineering Analysis Solutions, website and email hosting since the early part of 2010 and we've been extremely happy with the service we've received. Starting with an audit of our previous site, which was thoroughly and professionally performed, we were guided through the re-design process and always felt included and that we were contributing appropriately. Technical issues, of which there have been very few, have always been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Given the number of web developers out there it can seem difficult to make a choice, but for us Additive stands out because of its attention to detail, understanding of the psychology of the site user experience and strategic mind-set with regard to driving traffic to your site. Thoroughly recommended.
Krystle Woodhouse - website customer at Additive Media

Krystle Woodhouse

Additive Media recently offered my small, new business an effective digital experience with results. My website is beautifully designed, and effective with guaranteed results. Every need and expectation was met. The company themselves are very professional and approachable. I felt included and listened to throughout. It was great as a customer to experience a different approach to website designing, which Intrigues the customer compared the 'normal' approach which has previously been unsuccessful. I have been able to save money and generate sales with this proven, used approach and therefore can not recommend highly enough.
Grant Hill - website customer at Additive Media

Grant Hill

Blair did my website design over 7 years ago and he has hosted it for that long also. He is always on hand for website support and a pleasure to deal with, thanks Blair :)

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Hi, my name's Blair.


A question I'm often asked, is "how did you go from being a fighter pilot in the RAF to designing websites?!".

Back in 2007, I became the first person in the UK to crash a Eurofighter Typhoon (it wasn't my fault! The nose-wheel failed to lower so I elected to crash-land into the runway at RAF Coningsby). There I was, skidding down the runway in a ball of flame thinking, "there has to be more to life than this!". I started thinking about what I would do if life dealt me cards which meant I could no longer fly.

I had always been interested in business, and how businesses were increasingly using the internet to find new customers and make more sales. So I took a university course in Web Application Development and immersed myself in Digital Marketing. I studied web design, search engine optimisation (SEO, the art of getting your website ranked well in Google), and different ways to advertise.

After finishing my course, I spent 4 years building websites for small businesses in Norwich and around the UK. It was a very formative period! You can hear more about the lessons I learned in my tutorial video.

What interested me most though, was the psychology of online user behaviour - how people interact with digital experiences and build the motivation to take action.

This, coupled with my experience of helping small businesses taught me that people don't want a website; they want more sales. In fact, the whole process of getting a website is actually quite daunting for most small business owners. They know they need one, but they have no idea of what's involved or what it takes to get one that actually generates more sales.

So for the last 6 years, I've focussed exclusively on experience design to generate sales. This is a mix of web design, psychology, and a niche area of digital marketing called 'conversion rate optimisation'.

My mission with Additive Media is to help small businesses to get a website that generates sales, without costing a fortune. Web design has come a long way over the last 10 years, with advancements in technology making it possible to have a beautiful website, up and running in less than a day, for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.

In my tutorial video, I've distilled down over 10 years of web design experience into the 5 things your website simply has to do in order to generate you more sales. I hope you enjoy it!


How to get a website that generates sales